Client Presentation and Preparation in Family Law: Better Results and Better Value

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By: Merielle Enriquez

In a family law matter, there can be a lot at stake. From time with one’s children, property, and money, there are important issues that people want to see resolved in their favor and in the best interest of their children. Hiring a good lawyer is a very important step in obtaining the best results possible and can certainly help further a client’s goals. Good representation can help litigants navigate what can be uncharted territory for most family law litigants and the sometimes unpredictability of the courts in Clark County, Nevada.

One big piece of success in family court is the individual litigant themselves. Every client invariably wants the best lawyer they can get, but the client should also focus on being the best client that they can be. By being the best client one can be, a person helps lower their attorney’s fees and costs, in addition to helping themselves be put in the best position to achieve success.

Being an all-star client begins with good preparation. A good client obtains the pertinent documents that he or she can obtain advance of meetings and when requested by their attorney. When the client obtains a document this helps lower the costs of the representation. A good client prepares a list of questions and issues they may wish to discuss with their attorney prior to meetings. This will help the client make the best use of the time they spend with their attorney. A good client answers phone calls, emails and requests for information from their attorney. Less time fighting administrative battles means more time fighting for the client.

An all-star client comes in with reasonable expectations. The result your second cousin obtained in their divorce or custody proceeding is not indicative or binding as to the result that will occur in your case. An example of a reasonable expectation is that the child will have a relationship with both parents. Expecting to obtain everything and have your spouse or former spouse obtain nothing is neither realistic nor in the best interest of your children. At Kring & Chung, LLP, your attorney will help explain to you the range of possible outcomes in your case.

An all-star client focuses on the issues that are relevant in both their personal life and in the court room. When appearing in front of the court, the all-star client dresses in a professional manner and speaks to the judge in a polite and respectful manner. Much like in life, first impressions count. An all-star client does not attempt to raise issues that are not before the Court at the present hearing. The judge is not interested in everything that your spouse or ex-spouse did wrong and how he or she never truly appreciated you. The job of the judge is resolving the matter at hand in the best interest of the parties and the children. An all-star client maintains a cordial relationship with their spouse or ex-spouse and understands that the case at hand is about what’s best for the children and the parties and not sticking it to their spouse. Engaging in behavior such as interference with another party’s visitation or disparaging the other parent in front of the child only prolongs proceedings and can create a negative image of the party engaged in such behavior with the Court.

Family law matters can be heated. The all-star client realizes that they can control their legal costs, promote their own happiness, and are able to focus on their children by good preparation, holding reasonably expectations, and focusing on the issues that are relevant.

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