What does age discrimination look like?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Employment Law

Both state and federal laws protect workers across California from discrimination. Crucially, these laws protect individuals from discrimination based on age, on top of any other protected characteristics.

Occasionally, age discrimination is viewed in a less serious light than other forms of discrimination. In reality, it is every bit as damaging in practice. What are some of the more common signs that could indicate it is happening to an older worker?

Being passed over for promotion

Older workers can be as ambitious as anyone within the company and have the skills needed to take the next step up on the career ladder. Maybe they apply when internal vacancies arise but keep being passed over by younger and less experienced individuals. If they are being denied promotion based solely on their age, then it likely qualifies as discrimination.

Being excluded from work activities

For as long as a worker can remember, they’ve been attending weekly team meetings with superiors and colleagues. Recently, the invitations have stopped coming and the meeting rooms are filled with younger co-workers.

A downgrading of work duties could also give rise to suspicions of age discrimination if those duties are being given to younger employees. This can be a particular issue around technology because some people assume an older worker is less tech-savvy.

In short, workers should only be judged by their performance. Negative actions that are based solely on age could be classed as discrimination. To understand more about people’s rights as an older employee, make sure you seek legal guidance in the field of employment law.


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