Evidence needed when filing a wage and hour claim

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California has strict wage laws to protect workers. Your employer must maintain accurate payroll and time records based on the law. They also must provide you with an itemized wage statement every time you are paid. 

While you aren’t required to keep time records yourself, doing so can be beneficial if you believe you aren’t being paid for the time you have worked. In these situations, you also have the right to file a wage claim

Employment information

Your wage claim requires you to submit your employment information, such as your role, hourly rate, salary rate, bonuses, benefits and other pay-related information. This will serve as the foundation of your claim and show what you should be earning. 

Documents required when filing a wage claim

It’s beneficial to submit supporting documentation as evidence when filing a wage claim against your employer. Make sure never to submit the original copies of these documents. 

When filing this claim, some of the documents to submit include:

  • Recorded time at work: If you kept time records about when you worked and how long, then submit these with your claim. 
  • Paystubs and paychecks: It’s smart to keep your paystubs every time you are paid. Be sure to submit these with your claim. 
  • Bounced checks: If you received checks from your employer that bounced, be sure to provide copies of these. You can also contact the financial institution to see why this occurred (no account, insufficient funds or something else). This information can also be used to prove your wage claim. 

Protecting your rights to fair pay

If you believe you have been a victim of wage theft from your employer, be sure to file a wage claim. You have the legal right to receive the pay you are entitled to for your work. 


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