What are boundary disputes? 

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Real Estate Law

When you purchase a property, you not only gain legal ownership of the building but also any land that is included in the title. For some people, the garden and land are every bit as important as the house itself. Thus, it can be very frustrating when disputes arise over the boundaries of your property. 

Boundary disputes are one of the most common forms of disagreements between neighbors. They can occur in numerous ways. Outlined below are some of the more common examples. 

Property extensions 

It is not uncommon for property owners to seek ways of increasing the value of their homes. An extension can do this. It can also provide extra space if the owners are planning on having a family. The problem is that one person’s extension can devalue someone else’s home if it encroaches on their land. 

There are few things more frustrating than having your view spoiled or property damaged because someone else has built an extension. In such a situation, you may be able to request that the encroaching neighbor removes the extension or at least compensates you for any damages. 

Rights of way 

Some properties share driveways and entrance points. Your right of access to your property should be legally enshrined in the title. So, if one day you come home to find that your driveways have been blocked off, you are understandably going to be frustrated. You need to have access to your home and you have a right to enjoy it. 

Having a firm understanding of your title and property rights can help prevent and resolve boundary disputes. This can be overwhelming to deal with on your own, so be sure to seek some legal guidance


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