Why have an employee handbook?

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Business owners tend to have a clear vision for the company. They know the type of work environment they want to create and how they intend to expand the business. The challenge is getting employees on the same page. 

Training, meetings and supervision can help with this. However, one useful tool that is often overlooked is the employee handbook. 

What is an employee handbook and why is it useful?

A guide for workers 

An employee handbook acts as a guide for employees. It is an insight into company culture, ethos, key objectives, acceptable and unacceptable practices and much more.

The handbook can be given to all new employees so that they come to terms with the key features of the company quickly. Long-term employees may also find the handbook useful to refresh their memories. 

What should an employee handbook contain? 

The employee handbook can contain much more than mission statements. It can provide workers with key facts and very useful information. 

For example, the handbook can set out the disciplinary procedure of the company. It can provide information on how to report discrimination and other forms of unlawful conduct. The handbook can also clarify the rights and obligations of both employees and the employer. For example, it can set out vacation policies, safety guidelines, fire procedures and so on. 

Why use an employee handbook? 

An employee handbook provides clarity. When everyone in the company knows where they stand, this makes for a much more productive workforce. 

Drafting an employee handbook can be time-consuming, and it’s important to include all relevant information in an engaging way. Having legal guidance on your side can help you draft and put your employee handbook into action.



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