When Co-parenting Seems Impossible

When you cannot stand to be in the same room as your ex-spouse, having to co-parent with the other person seems difficult, if not impossible. But as unattainable as it seems, giving up on co-parenting is not an option if you want to do what is in the best interests of your children. Effective co-parenting is integral in helping children overcome divorce.

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Employer May Recover Attorney Fees Under Feha Where Plaintiff’s Evidence Of Discrimination Is Solely Speculation

In the recent case of Robert v. Stanford Univ., No. H037514, 2014 WL 793112 (Cal. Ct. App. February 25, 2014), plaintiff brought an action against his former employer for discrimination under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA.) He alleged that he was terminated because of his ancestry, American Indian.

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Will 2014 Finally Be The Year That Nevada Gets A Court Of Appeal?

Many out-of-state attorneys are often surprised to find that Nevada lacks an intermediate court, or a Court of Appeal. Under the current model, every single appeal from decisions rendered by any of Nevada’s District Courts is reviewed by the Nevada Supreme Court.

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Firing Both Parties Involved In The Sexual Harassment Complaint Is Not A Solution

A recent California court decision, Mendoza v. Western Medical Center Santa Ana, (2014) 222 Cal.App.4th 1334, highlights the mistakes an employer can make when handling a sexual harassment complaint.

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The Power Of A Sham

Sham Guaranty Defense is a distinct way individual guarantors, partners, trustors/trustees, corporate executives and shareholders can avoid liability when an underlying loan is in default.

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Disclosure Guidelines: What Should I Disclose When Selling My House?

As a general rule, all sellers of residential real estate property containing one to four units in California must complete and provide written disclosures to the buyer. The most commonly used form for such disclosures is the Transfer Disclosure Statement that the sellers will complete and sign.

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