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Month: July 2011

Letter of the Law: July 2011

IN THIS ISSUE: EMPLOYMENT LAW: U.S. Supreme Court Shields Wal-Mart From Gender-Bias Class Action Lawsuit FAMILY LAW: Overview of the Divorce Process EMPLOYMENT LAW: U.S. Department of Labor's Latest App: Sue With Your Smartphone EMPLOYMENT LAW: Two Premium Payments...

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Employee Severance Required?

In California, there is no legal requirement that an employer pay severance to its employees upon termination of employment. However, should an employer implement a written or verbal policy regarding severance or mention a set scale for severance in its employee...

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Overview of the Divorce Process

This article will provide an overview of the divorce process (more properly referred to as "dissolution"). The general process is the same, whether the divorce is amicable (uncontested) or litigated (contested). The contested divorce will generally involve more...

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