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The Letter Of The Law March 2016

IN THIS ISSUE:EMPLOYMENT: The Cost of Doing Business in California for Garment Industry EmployersFAMILY LAW: Transgender DivorceEMPLOYMENT: SB 588 Creates Personal Liability for Officers, Directors, and Managing Agents of Employers for Wage and Hour Violations The...

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The Letter of the Law: February 2016

IN THIS ISSUE:FAMILY LAW: Husband Awarded 150% of Retirement BenefitsREAL ESTATE: Homeowner Steps to Prevent El Niño Property Damage Husband Awarded 150% of Retirement Benefits Once upon a time, John Peterson met Annette. They were both attorneys and John was...

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The Letter of The Law: November 2015

IN THIS ISSUE:Personal Injury: Requests for Admission- A Back Door to Recovery of Attorney's Fees in Personal Injury CasesPersonal Injury: When Howell V. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc. ("Howell") Meets the Uninsured Plaintiff REQUESTS FOR ADMISSION- A BACK DOOR...

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