Family Law Attorneys

When legal issues arise with your family, you want the negative impact to be as minimal as possible. Finding a resolution that fits your family’s needs can be done with assistance from an experienced family lawyer. At Kring & Chung, we have an experienced team of family law attorneys that routinely handles divorce, support, custody, property division and related matters.

We are compassionate when working with our clients. Personal attention is of the utmost importance. Our family law attorneys take time, from the beginning, to listen to clients so we can identify the best strategy to pursue. We pride ourselves on our ability to be very involved with our clients’ cases (personally handling many of the details) and being accessible for clients’ questions and concerns throughout the case.

Commitment to Personalized Service

We are committed to providing the attentive, personalized legal service to clients. We understand that there is nothing more important to a parent than the ability to spend time with their children and influence their growth and personal development. In every case, your child’s best interest is our top priority.

Our family law practice areas include:

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If you’d like further information on family law matters, visit our Family Law Resources page.