Business Valuation & Divorce

At Kring & Chung, LLP, we help clients deal with the complex issues that arise when business owners go through divorce.

Why Business Valuation is Necessary

Your business or your spouse’s business may be considered part of the marital estate and its value will factor into calculations related to property division as well as child and spousal support.

If the business is valued improperly, or if either spouse presents a distorted view of the business’ value, then the divorce settlement will almost certainly be unfair.

Working with Experts

Business valuation is a team effort. For your case, we will work with financial experts, real estate appraisers and when necessary, we can bring in forensic accountants who specialize in analyzing businesses like yours or your spouse’s.

This process will involve a thorough cash flow analysis as well as a valuation of the business’ assets and debts to find out which assets can and cannot be divided.