High Net-Worth Divorce

Complex Asset Valuations

We work closely with financial experts to find the real value of assets such as stocks, voting shares in corporations, real estate, income-generating commercial property and businesses. In addition, we can help you deal with issues involving contracts and leases with third parties.

Protecting Your Assets: Determining Community Property and Separate Property

California and Nevada are community property states. That means that any assets acquired during the marriage are considered to be owned equally by each spouse. However, there are provisions respecting the separate property that each spouse brought into the marriage. You are entitled to leave the marriage with the assets you brought into it.

In other words, just because your assets have co-mingled with your spouse’s, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get them back after a divorce.

For example, if you and your spouse purchased a home after the marriage, but you paid for it using your separate money from before the marriage, then you are eligible in most cases to get those funds back after the divorce is completed and the house is sold. Accomplishing this task requires a careful review of all relevant documentation by a lawyer working in tandem with a forensic accountant.