Buying and Selling Real Estate

The purchase or sale of real estate is a significant transaction. A qualified and experienced attorney should be consulted at the beginning of the transaction. The purchase agreement must thereafter be carefully negotiated, drafted and implemented so that the client’s interests are protected and goals are achieved.

Kring & Chung, LLP, is led by a team of attorneys with significant experience handling real estate matters, including purchase agreements, due diligence contract disputes and more. We represent a broad range of clients, including individuals, commercial property owners and more.

We take a focused approach to working with our clients and are driven to achieve results. Our lawyers take time to answer questions and work directly with you throughout the legal process. Communication is very important to our attorneys.

Review of Purchase Agreements

The attorneys at our firm will thoroughly review the agreement, identifying any potential areas that could cause challenges. Our goal is to ensure that the contract is carefully crafted and protects your interests.

Effective Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys for real estate purchases and sales handle all types of disputes pertaining to real estate contracts, which include:

  • Title issues
  • Disputes over boundaries
  • Construction defects
  • Specific performance actions
  • Deposit retention disputes
  • Breach of contract actions
  • Breach of purchase and sale agreements
  • Non-disclosure, concealment and fraud actions
  • Brokerage commission disputes
  • Adverse possession and prescriptive easements
  • Rights of way

While we are experienced litigators, we understand the value of reaching a resolution outside the courtroom. We work toward achieving results that our clients have identified in the most efficient way possible.

Contact Our Team

You can connect with our team by calling 949-345-1621 or by completing a short contact form. Our business lawyers serve clients throughout California and Nevada from our three office locations. Our primary office is located in Irvine, California.