Kring & Chung can help you if you are interested in adoption as a new parent, a step-parent or grandparent. We can guide you through the process which includes paperwork, trial period of living with the child, and social worker evaluation.

Adoptive parents need to terminate the parental rights of the living biological parents whom they wish to replace. Sometimes, the biological parent is cooperative, but often the adoptive parents need to hold a Termination of Parental Rights proceeding to show that the biological parents are unfit to be parents. Our attorneys can help you through this often difficult process.

Guardianship: A Workable Alternative to Adoption

If you are unable to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent, Kring & Chung can help ask the court to grant you guardianship over the child. Guardianship grants you the same authority to care for the child and make decisions about his or her upbringing as adoption. The main difference is that you don’t have the legal status of “parent.”