Public School Construction

Many construction problems experienced by school districts can be avoided or diminished if an experienced construction attorney reviews a district’s construction contracts prior to execution. With over 15,000 hours of experience on public school district construction matters, Kring & Chung has the experience you deserve when hiring construction counsel.

Contract Review

School districts are bombarded with a number of different and confusing construction, energy savings, and performance guarantee contracts. Many of these contracts, especially guaranteed energy savings contracts contain terms that are unfavorable to school districts. Therefore, it is important to have attorneys experienced in the field of energy savings guarantees and public construction to negotiate contract terms that are favorable to the district. We understand issues such as baseline auditing procedures, guaranteed savings language, commissioning, post-construction energy audit methods and procedures, construction management models, indemnity, licensing, DSA, public bidding, and design responsibility.

Division of State Architect Support

Kring & Chung can help a district navigate the plan approval process with the Division of State Architect. Our attorneys have experience with DSA. Whether DSA approval needs to be obtained after-the-fact or if there is a mid-construction change in plans, Kring & Chung can facilitate a district’s passage through the DSA approval process.

Construction Defects and Failure to Obtain Promised Energy Savings

Kring & Chung has been successful in representing school districts across the western United States on cases involving defective construction and the failure to achieve promised energy savings. Kring & Chung aggressively pursues the rights of its school district clients.

When necessary our attorneys possess the required experience, knowledge and skill to effectively and aggressively take the case to trial. Our attorneys strive to bring clarity to every case as quickly as possible through aggressive discovery and motion practice. This enables us, and our clients, to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Our Public School Construction practice includes:

  • Construction Defect and Construction Contract Counseling and Litigation
  • Division of State Architect
  • Drafting, Review and Negotiation of Guaranteed Energy Savings & Construction Contracts
  • False Claims
  • Performance Contracting or Guaranteed Energy Savings Counseling and Litigation
  • Public Contracting Issues
  • Terminating Contractors