Restraining Orders

In the unfortunate situation that protective or restraining orders are needed, they are available under California and Nevada law. We at Kring & Chung, LLP, have helped many clients feel more secure by seeking protective or restraining orders. We understand the concerns that clients have when dealing with domestic violence matters and our attorneys can work to ensure your safety is protected.

Take a Step Toward Protecting Your Rights

Our attorneys can help clients seek protective and restraining orders to protect:

  • Personal safety, including kick-out orders and orders that your abuser stay away from you and your children
  • Parental rights, including prevention of one parent taking the children out of state and enforcement of child custody/support orders
  • Property

We can help you stop living in fear that you will lose that which you hold most dear.

It is especially important that you retain an attorney to represent you at the hearing where the temporary restraining order can be extended – your safety and that of your children is worth fully pursuing every precautionary method available.