Legal Counsel for Child Support and Spousal Support Matters

At Kring & Chung, LLP, we work with a broad range of clients in family law matters. Many of our clients have questions about how spousal support and child support relate to their situation. We can help make the financial issues involved in family law matters more transparent and provide straightforward advice on how support affects your situation.

Our family law attorneys have a proven track record representing clients throughout California and Nevada. We work toward achieving results that our clients are happy with. Our clients appreciate the level of communication and support we provide throughout the legal process.

Spousal Support/Spousal Maintenance

Clients who are going through divorce will oftentimes have questions about spousal support. We can help explain the guidelines for spousal support in California and Nevada and whether or not your situation may involve support. We can also explain how spousal support affects other support payments, such as child support.

Calculating Child Support

Whether you are going through divorce or are separating and you have children, our lawyers will help you understand how child support is calculated and how it affects your situation. If you need assistance with related issues such as paternity tests, our child support attorneys will advocate for your interests.

Schedule a Meeting with Our Lawyers

Please contact us at 949-345-1621 or online through email to schedule your first appointment. You will meet directly with one of our family lawyers. Our primary office is located in Irvine and we have three additional office locations throughout California and Nevada.