The majority of lawsuits do not end in full litigation in the courtroom. A large number of divorces are resolved through mediation. Divorce mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can bring a mutually satisfying solution to the divorce. Mediation can be utilized at any point in the process, saving money and perhaps more importantly, minimize any additional trauma to the involved parties, including children.

Helping You to Resolve Divorce Issues Amicably

Divorce mediation involves the use of a third-party neutral mediator who assists the parties in reaching a divorce settlement agreement that resolves some or all of the issues arising out of the divorce.

While the relevant law to each issue is considered, resolution through mediation can involve other considerations outside of the law that may be important to one or both parties. Any agreements or settlements reached are then incorporated into a contract which is enforceable by the court.

While mediation offers the rewards of costing about half of a traditional divorce and potentially preserving your relationship, it is important that parties considering mediation understand that it requires setting reasonable expectations. You might not be able to get everything to which you think you are entitled.

From the beginning to the end of your case, we will work to protect your interests and make sure your individual needs are met.