Why clear anti-harassment policies benefit everyone

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Employment Law

Sexual harassment is not acceptable in the workplace. It’s considered a form of discrimination based on someone’s sex, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes that illegal in most workplaces.

Yet it still happens with alarming frequency in workplaces across the country despite it being in everyone’s interest for it to disappear completely. Having clear policies on it, and ensuring everyone in the workplace knows about it, will benefit everyone. Here is why:

Employees will feel freer 

Experiencing sexual harassment can be distressing. However tough someone appears in their ability to brush off sleazy comments or deal with groping hands they would be far happier if they never needed to. 

Employers will have fewer problems

No employer wants to end up in court accused of ignoring sexual harassment or allowing a culture of it to continue in their workplace. It’s time-consuming and bad publicity. It’s also not very nice. Whether an employer realizes it or not, having employees live in fear of harassment is bad for workplace morale and productivity.

It can stop harassment and discrimination

Clear anti-harassment policies are essential when it comes to stopping sexual harassment and other forms of inappropriate workplace conduct, including discrimination. When an employer takes a proactive stance in writing, that usually makes employees who might be inclined to act that way think again — and that can spare both their fellow workers and the company from a lot of problems.

Getting legal help to create clear employment policies and sharing them with others can improve workplaces for everyone. As can getting help to take action if sexual harassment occurs.


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